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Collaborators in the way you live, work and play through bespoke, cultured, sustainable design.

Who We Are

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MILarchi is an award-winning architecture firm rooted in creative design. We’re a team of architects, urban designers, interior designers and creatives, guided by forward-thinking vision and big energy for the African continent. We pride ourselves on projects that are culturally rooted, relevant and sustainable, adding value to the communities we touch.

Milarchi is an architecture firm that prides itself on projects that are

culturally rooted, relevant and sustainable; creating spaces that energise their environments and speak the vernacular of their communities.

Interior View - House De Wet

What We Do Best

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Visionary design that inspires cross-pollination and influences culture


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Architecture is our core, you could say it’s our root chakra. We’re dedicated to the point of being obsessive; excited and committed to excellence from the moment we break ground to the final finishes being polished. 

No matter the size or scale; residential, commercial, industrial or social brief, we bring a bespoke approach to every project and we live to nail the details. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Front View - Delta Heights
Aerial View of Urban Design Project

Urban Design

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Urban Design is the spice of life! We thrive under the pressure of a unique brief and we love to get experimental. Our designs are inspired by their environments, taking the larger urban scale into consideration. Our goal is to create something that is at once cultured and expressive, but also at home in its community. 

Hit us with your idea, we’d love to shake our sticks at it.

Interior Design

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Interior Design is the love child of our offering. We’re known for a holistic approach, striking details and beautifully tailored aesthetics that speak life into the spaces we create. An inspired interior radiates energy, inspires the quality of living and makes you feel like you’ve arrived; be it a breathtaking home, a vibrant venue in the city or a luxury lodge in the bush – we’ve done all of these and more.

Interior Design Project
Exterior View - Residential Architecture Project

Simple Services

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Let us help you get your project admin across the line – we’re not scared of the dirty work. We assist with completing administrative aspects of architectural projects and are connected with local experts in the field to expediently move things forward. We love a sweet little project, contact us if we can assist you.

Simple Services We Specialise In

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Let us help you get your project admin across the line – we’re not scared of the dirty work.

Artistic image of Johannesburg city

As Built Drawings

We create As Built Drawings for original buildings. Our blueprints and building plans are council submission-ready, marked up to our high standard and client specifications.

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Council Submissions

We have the council on speed dial. We have established relationships with council personnel and systems in place for smooth submissions and faster processing.

Our Related Offerings

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Diversifying with our skills and creating extra meaning to Milarchi

Mono Pods

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Innovation meets functionality. Our line of modular pods redefines the concept of flexible living and working spaces. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy home, a modern office, a trendy mini-shop, or a vibrant street food stall, our pods are designed to transform your ideas into reality.

Padel Courts

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At Milarchi, we specialize in turning your vision into reality. Creating padel court facilities concepts. We offer comprehensive solutions to help you build a top-notch Padel court that brings numerous advantages to your doorstep.

Our Latest Work

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We live for the moment where creative design comes alive! Good design expresses culture, stimulates community and energises conversations. Over the past 7 years we’ve completed over 50 structures ranging in scale and complexity. These are some of our projects worth talking about.

It’s About The Love

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Exterior View - SAMCA Warehouse

We love structure. We love designs that are responsive to their environment. We love social context and vernacular design – is that a thing? Let’s make it a thing. We love the vibe check. We love seeing people immersed in the spaces we create and we love immersing ourselves with them. This is what it’s all about. We love to meet the brief and take it to the next level. We love to make the budget work for everyone involved. Good constraints make for great solutions. We love sharing our obsession for architecture. We love it when our clients love our work.

Client Testimonials

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MILarchi Architects
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Patience ManabaPatience Manaba
15:33 29 May 23
Mike EarpMike Earp
13:25 03 Oct 22
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Matt and his team. We will continue to work with them for many years to come. Highly recommended.
Wolfgang BittnerWolfgang Bittner
06:42 03 Oct 22
Robin SchofieldRobin Schofield
14:00 29 Sep 22
A bunch of talented architects whose creativity is next level!
Simon ClaytonSimon Clayton
08:56 29 Sep 22
Awesome team that offer an incredible services! Get in touch!!
Daniel MillarDaniel Millar
08:45 29 Sep 22
Top level professionalism, creative and unique designs and friendly, honest staff. Best architecture firm around.
Awesome team. With brilliant Ideas and creativity. Let them run with it!
Mandisa MoffatMandisa Moffat
18:32 23 Sep 18
The work they did to transform what used to be Café Mexico into Mootee speaks for itself. Prepare to be impressed when you walk through Mootee to their offices at the back.
Matthew MillarMatthew Millar
16:58 25 Mar 18
Come through for some architecture

Architecture is a journey we undertake with our clients. We walk alongside you from inception to completion, building new worlds and expanding horizons. Are you ready to work with us?

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We wear our heart on our sleeves and design for the next generation in South Africa and across the continent. We pride ourselves on projects that are culturally rooted, relevant and sustainable, adding value to the communities and neighbourhoods we touch. We build across scales and we’re as comfortable executing a home renovation or an experimental urban concept, as we are developing a warehouse, shopping center or safari lodge.